18-point Star - its hollow!
The Around the World Carousel Vase/Nightlight
Features sculpted horses from around the globe to represent the four seasons:
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Polymer Clay
What a GREAT medium! You can roll it, stamp it, blend it, sand it, extrude it, sculpt it, paint it - you name it!
  • Winter shows a Lipizzaner with holly, ivy, and snowfleakes typical around the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria.
  • Spring features a Dutch Friesian outfitted to honor European jousting history amidst tulips, calla lilies, and other spring delights.
  • Summer highlights the majestic Arabian horse in traditional tack and adornments below serene swans.
  • Fall features the Western pleasure horse of the cowboys and gauchos of the Americas.

Photo by Philip Ulanowsky
Photo by Philip Ulanowsky